Our Employees

Similar to our clients, all of our snowplow operators enter into a seasonal contract with Waltman Construction. This contract ensures they will be available to plow a specific route each time it snows throughout the entire winter. This is an important part of making sure all of our staff arrives each day, as well as keeps the same operator on the same route each shift. This allows the operator to be familiar with the driveways and specific homeowner requests.


All of our staff are covered by our worker’s compensation policy and receive a fair, honest paycheck.


Waltman Construction

Address. 10414 Panamint Place
Truckee, CA 96162

Phone. 530-587-7017

Fax. 530-587-7033

Email. info@waltmanconstruction.com 

(We started with one machine and have slowly grown over the years to the size we are today)

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(In 1986 we moved the business from our home on Skislope Way to its current location off of Teton Dr)