Holder 9700 tractor with a Pronovost blowerhead.

I am used on a majority of the driveways in the subdivision. I also have 3 friends waiting for me at the shop in case I catch a cold during a snowstorm.

Holder 870 tractor with a Zaugg blowerhead.

I am used in higher snow areas because of my better visibility with taller snow banks.

Both the 9700 and the 870 are manufactured by Holder in Germany. Since both models are compact in size and articulate, they are able to clear tight spaces.

John Deere loader with a bucket

John Deere loader with a blade

John Deere loader with a custom blowerhead

At 26,000 lbs, the loaders are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately they have been given an undeserved bad reputation over the years. In reality, they are the unsung heroes when the snow gets deep. Each winter is different and every storm is unique. We have seen instances where 5 feet of snow has fallen overnight. The loaders wait at the shop and only emerge to assist the smaller Holder snowblowers when these large storms inundate the subdivision.


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(We started with one machine and have slowly grown over the years to the size we are today)

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(In 1986 we moved the business from our home on Skislope Way to its current location off of Teton Dr)