Winter Snow Clearing


Summer Driveway Sealing


Winter Snow Clearing

How can you help us and help yourself?

  • Send in early. For the majority of the driveways we only ask for $100 upfront. This small amount will reserve your spot and make sure your driveway is staked in a timely fashion. In addition, this will allow the operator to look at the driveway before it starts to snow.

  • Be kind to your neighbors. Keep your driveway clear of objects to minimize breakdowns. A shovel or piece of firewood left behind that blocked a tire can range from a 20 minute fix to terminating the machine for the day.

  • If you have cars in the driveway, move them around during storms. Park on one side of the driveway and then the other. This will allow us to plow the entire driveway and keep it clearer for you.

  • If you have an obstacle in the driveway that becomes buried by snow, make sure it is marked or staked.

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What sets us apart?

  • More equipment throughout the subdivision

  • On average, less driveways per operator

  • More spare equipment to help alleviate downtime

  • Larger equipment in reserve to assist with extremely heavy snowstorms

  • More combined experience

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Will you stake my driveway?

Yes, we install and remove the snow poles at the beginning and end of each season. We use the snow poles to mark exposed objects and define curved driveways and turnouts. Snow poles may bend toward or away from the driveway edge due to the weight of the snow.

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Are you using lightweight equipment?

Yes, we are the only company in Tahoe Donner who exclusively uses lightweight equipment on residential driveways. We do operate a John Deere loader with a blade to assist with the plowing of the condominiums to help alleviate their hardpack due to increased traffic volume.

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When will my driveway be cleared?

Due to the timing of storms and Mother Nature’s unpredictability, there is no set start time each day. Our start time depends on when the snow began accumulating and the current conditions and weather predictions for the day. Our total route clearing time will depend on:

  • Whether or not the Town of Truckee has cleared the streets – it takes longer to move down the streets when they are not plowed

  • What size of berms we have to go through – berm snow is hard and compact making it more difficult to remove

  • Equipment breakdowns – many of these can be prevented if driveways are kept clear of shovels, sleds, wood, newspapers, etc

  • Road traffic – we prefer to plow when it is dark because of safety issues and reduced traffic, although this is not always possible depending on when it starts snowing

  • Depth of snow – once snow reaches over 8-12 inches, clearing times increase - meaning the more snow there is the longer it takes us to get through our routes

  • Type of snow - light, fluffy snow can be plowed much faster than heavy, thick snow, a.k.a. sierra cement

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When has it snowed enough for you to clear my driveway?

Driveways are cleared one time during every 24-hour period after natural snowfall reaches approximately 4 inches in your area. If the natural snowfall occurs in the afternoon, we will be out to clear overnight.

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What happens when it snows in the afternoon and evening?

These storms are extremely frustrating for everyone. If there is not enough snow accumulation by around noon, we will be out to clear the snowfall overnight. Why? Because our operators cannot plow all afternoon and evening and then be back to plow overnight as well. We have researched running 2 crews, one during the day and one during the night, but the additional cost this would add to each driveway would make snow clearing unaffordable for most of our clients.

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Do you also provide snow shoveling?

No we do not. Please contact us or look at our referral list for credible names.

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Do you plow the streets?

No, the Town of Truckee plows all roads in Tahoe Donner. For more information, please call the Public Works at (530)582-7707. You can also find additional information on their website at: http://www.townoftruckee.com/departments/public-works/snow-removal 

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What determines the price of my driveway?

Every year we set a minimum price to clear a driveway. This minimum price is based off of our operating costs which include labor, fuel, parts, lubricants, insurance, replacement equipment, etc. A lot of driveways will be bid at this minimum price. Some factors which would increase that bid are: larger size, harder to clear, minimal snow storage, slope, snow load location, wind issues, roof unload, and turnouts.

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What about the berm?

We attempt to remove all berms while we are out plowing. Any berms formed after our normal routes will be removed the following day, if we feel it is necessary.

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Why is there snow left in front of my garage door?

Unfortunately all of the snow cannot be removed in front of the garage doors. The amount of snow remaining will vary from driveway to driveway based on sun exposure, slope of driveway, and wind conditions. Also, more accumulation will occur in heavier storms with wetter snow.

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Will I have to shovel out my garbage container?

Garbage containers are usually placed adjacent to the driveway. The operator will clear as close as safely possible to them, but some hand shoveling may be required to gain access.

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What if my driveway is damaged?

We will repair driveways in which holes are created by our equipment while clearing the snow. We will not repair, or pay for the repair, of driveways that crush or fall apart due to water saturated base, thin asphalt or base, alligatoring, etc. Some driveways may show chain marks, grooves or gouges from the equipment due to normal snow clearing operations.

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What if my home is damaged?

Although home damage is uncommon we do encounter a few instances each season. The majority of the time our operators inform us of the damage, allowing us to contact you. However, there are some times where they do not realize any damage has occurred. If you notice any damage, please contact us immediately so we can come out to examine it.

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How long have you been in business?

We have been doing driveway snow clearing in Tahoe Donner since 1979.  

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Where are you located?

We are located near Teton and Skislope on property adjacent to Tahoe Donner. When we started the business in 1979, we were operating out of our house on Skislope Way. In the mid 1980’s Tahoe Donner began pressuring us to move the business out of the track. In 1986 we moved to our current location. Although this was a very costly move for us, it was appropriate. Homeowners have picked this subdivision because of its quiet, natural beauty. This is not conducive with noisy tractors. 

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What is your low price guarantee for Snow Clearing?

We will match ANY lower priced bid from a competitor. The caveat: If the lower bid we are matching is from a competitor not operating from within Tahoe Donner, once we reach 20 plows, you will be invoiced and responsible for the difference between our bid and the low price bid in order to continue service. *Bids must be specific to your property. Waltman Construction cannot price match flat rate bulk mailers. We’ve found in previous years that in many cases these are not being honored. When sending in a competitor bid, payment terms must match competitor bid.


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Summer Driveway Sealing

What is driveway sealing?

Driveway sealing is preventative maintenance for your driveway. Similar to staining your home to protect the wood, asphalt sealing protects your pavement and prolongs the life of your driveway.

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How often should I have my driveway sealed

The manufacturer recommends every other year for this area. We have some clients who seal their driveway every year. There are also other driveways around Tahoe Donner who have never been sealed. Driveway sealing is preventative maintenance for your driveway. Any Protection = Longer Driveway Lifetime.

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How long do I have to stay off the driveway?

The total process takes 2-3 days. We request no traffic on the driveway for at least 24 hours after it is sealed.

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What is the process?

The first step is power cleaning all of the asphalt. This can include sweeping off excess sand and debris and pressure washing the entire area. The second step is to apply crackfill material. On your proposal we will indicate approximately how many feet of cracks we will be treating. It is not recommended to apply material to cracks less than ¼ inch wide. If driveways are extremely alligatored we may fill a certain amount of crack feet and then recommend 2 coats of sealant The third and final step is applying the asphalt based pavement sealer to the entire driveway.

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What is the benefit of a second sealcoat?

A second coat of asphalt sealant may be beneficial on driveways that have been neglected for many years and show signs of age (pitting, cracks less than ¼ inch). It is also beneficial on brand new driveways that have never been sealed and have the appearance of individual rocks instead of a smooth, continuous surface.

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Will my driveway look brand new?

No, sealcoat is not a layer of asphalt.

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What is your schedule?

Every Summer we fill up and have to turn away clients. Even if you do not want your driveway sealed until September, send it in early so you are on our schedule. We stop sealing at the end of September to prepare for snow clearing and to begin installing snow poles.

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How do you determine the price?

We determine driveway sealing bids based on square footage, number of crackfeet, condition of driveway and other external factors. We always assess the driveway in person before presenting a bid.

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What is your low price guarantee for Driveway Sealing?

Low Price Guarantee:  If you receive a lower price from a competitor, simply send in their bid and we will equal it.  Competitor must be a licensed, insured and legitimate company.  There are many sealing “companies” that are not licensed or insured, offering you the homeowner zero protection.  Quote must be in writing for the same service.  Please contact us with any questions.

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Waltman Construction

Address. 10414 Panamint Place
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(We started with one machine and have slowly grown over the years to the size we are today)

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(In 1986 we moved the business from our home on Skislope Way to its current location off of Teton Dr)