Winter Services

Driveway Snow Clearing

Snow clearing is not just a winter project for us. We are working throughout the year to coordinate an efficient, organized snow clearing service for you. We are constantly assessing our operations, organizing and training operators, performing preventative maintenance on the equipment, etc.

One of our major features that place us above and beyond our competition is our snow clearing equipment. We are the only company with a full fleet of lightweight blowers plus larger equipment that will allow us to handle any winter conditions. Our years of experience have proven to us that this is not only a luxury for our clients, but a necessity to get the job done.

  • Driveway staking included with contract

  • More equipment throughout the subdivision

  • On average, less driveways per operator

  • More spare equipment to help alleviate downtime

  • Larger equipment in reserve to assist with extremely heavy snowstorms

Snow clearing FAQs

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Get Snowplow Updates

In the last few years we started a new email program called "Snowplow Updates" on plow shift days.  We are extremely pleased with the excellent feedback from clients and will definitely continue it!  Clients have really enjoyed information on Tahoe Donner snowfall totals, road conditions, as well as our real-time plowing game plan.  We appreciate all the positive replies we receive each time we send one out.  If you do not receive the updates its easy, just provide us with your email address and we will add you to our list.  Don't worry your email will never leave our office.


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(We started with one machine and have slowly grown over the years to the size we are today)

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(In 1986 we moved the business from our home on Skislope Way to its current location off of Teton Dr)